For Better or for Worse: The Postnuptial

February 15, 2017 Doris Lafrenz

A post about the document they call the postnuptial agreement   Let’s take a dip into the sleazy waters of a Hollywood scandal. The famous singer Beyoncé made an extended music video that chronicled her being cheated on and subsequently forgiving her husband, the also very famous Jay-Z. According to the gossipmongers, she only agreed to take him back but.

Courtroom Questioning

February 7, 2017 Doris Lafrenz

In law, the truth and only truth is sought for by hook or by crook by legal parties and the victims of a crime. The use of exacting questions (courtroom questioning)—thrown by both the Crown Prosecutor (legal party that presents a case against the possible guilty party) and Defense Counsel (attorneys, lawyers, or barristers representing individuals facing charges)—toward an individual.